PODCAST: Disaster in Norman

Carey Murdock, Editor
Sooner Scoop

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After one of the most shocking losses in recent memory, Carey and Eddie decided to rope Josh McCuistion into the first ever drunken podcast. After some heavy editing for rambling, incoherent discussions and plenty of bleeped out f-bombs, we now present you with a full breakdown of the Sooners 38-31 loss to Iowa State. Is Mike Stoops near the end? How will Lincoln Riley handle things moving forward? How much does a home loss usually mean bad things ahead? The full rundown follows below:

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OPEN - Setting the drunken scene

0.04:20 - We start breaking down the disaster. Horrible defense, stupid play

0.08:00 - "What the hell happened to that team that went to Ohio State?"

0.09:05 - The problems with Jordan Thomas

0.12:11 - "Ohio State was the aberration not the norm."

0.15:06 - OU's defensive plan when it comes to blitzing

0.16:33 - We now attack the offense0.19:05 - The ability of this team to go into the tank mentally

0.25:45 - Home losses spell doom for most seasons since 19990.33:34 - Was this the worst loss since the John Blake era?

0.40:44 - We're still trying to make it through this list about home losses

0.44.35 - This defensive freefall is just beginning with the schedule ahead

0.48:20 - Have we officially given up on Mike Stoops?

0.50:30 - A truly rambling discussion about Mike Stoops/Tim Kish/Kerry Cooks that should have been deleted

0.54:35 - Have we mentioned how much trouble this defense is in moving forward?

0.55.45 - Josh's daughter is here to save him from this drunken podcast

0.56.23 - We try to talk about Josh Proctor's visit to OU Saturday

0.58.25 - After Eddie and Carey derail the podcast again Josh talks Josh Proctor

1.03.40 - Carey and Eddie apologize for everything that happened Saturday and feel your anger

1.07:00 - Impressively Carey and Eddie recover and just recap what happened against Iowa State

1.09:30 - Riley being caught in the middle of this program's shortcomings that Stoops left behind

1.15:20 - Oh by the way, it's Texas week

1:20:30 - These two drunkards can't end the podcast because they keep talking football

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