PODCAST: Baker Mayfield critics trigger Eddie

Carey Murdock, Editor
Sooner Scoop

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The football bye week is over and football can't get back soon enough. Eddie is in full triggered mode over all the people who can't get over Baker Mayfield's actions on the football field. Eddie wants to plant his flag in every soft person on the planet. We hear from Mayfield and Lincoln Riley as they weigh in on Mayfield's personality and how it relates to the team and the line Mayfield continues to straddle. We also talk about the health of the Sooners, the loss of Curtis Bolton for the season and whether that has a big effect on this team moving forward. Amani Bledsoe also returns for Iowa State and we discuss what that could mean for the defensive line and OU's pass rush. We also hear from Riley and Mayfield on how much this team needs to improve to be a factor in the national championship picture. A recruiting update from Josh McCuistion focuses on the coaches getting to go further away from Oklahoma to attend high school football games because of the bye week. Where did the coaches go and who did they see? A lot of new ratings and reviews to get through and then we get pretty random at the end. Are Carey and Eddie going to a vegan dinner together?

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OPEN - Eddie starts off the show triggered about people who criticize Baker Mayfield

8:39 - Breaking down what Mayfield said this week about his personality and attitude that has some upset

15:58 - Lincoln Riley's thoughts on Mayfield's personality and attitude

22:40 - Carey tries to get Eddie to stop talking about the triggered people and moves on to injuries

25:51 - Lincoln Riley talks injuries and we break down Curtis Bolton loss and Amani Bledsoe's return

38:15 - How does OU get better moving forward?

45:14 - Josh talks about the recruiting weekend and all the trips taken by OU coaches

50:56 - The time a recruiting reporter wanted to fight Josh at a high school game

54:11 - What's going on with the IMG recruits?

1.05:24 - Ratings and Reviews time

1.17:30 - Baylor losing more players?

1.20:17 - Carey reads the vegan menu for tonight's dinner to Eddie

1.26:35 - Will Eddie be under increased security by OU during pregame against Iowa State

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