Please, NBA general managers: Trade for Pau Gasol and give him a good home (VIDEO)

It's been a difficult, acrimonious season for just about everybody associated with the Los Angeles Lakers, but perhaps nobody's borne the brunt of a disappointing 15-18 start to the season more than Pau Gasol.

After spending his summer with the Spanish national team proving he's still a dominant low-block scorer, Gasol came back to L.A. to find himself again pushed out of the post by new import Dwight Howard, struggled to find steady footing three different Laker coaches, and saw his conditioning and pant size questioned by championship teammate Kobe Bryant. He's limped through tendinitis in both knees until he was forced to sit a spell, reportedly been offered up for the likes of Andrea Bargnani, and continued to look less than stellar since his return from injury, averaging 11.3 points per game and shooting 40.7 percent from the floor over his last eight games. And now, he's even getting beaten and bloodied. Something has to change.

For just hundreds of thousands of pennies a day (or, you know, some future first-rounders and a serviceable stretch four), you, NBA General Manager, can help. You can give this wounded 32-year-old four-time All-Star a new home, if you'll just call now.

Thank you, Sarah McLachlan. You're really doing the Lord's work. Also, I totally owned "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" on cassette when I was a kid. Thanks for that, too.

Video via Ballerball. Hat-tip to TrueHoop's Henry Abbott.