Playoffs or not in 2019, the Bears have removed the dark cloud over 2020

Mike Florio

Not long ago, the Bears had no hope for 2019. And the status of the roster, coupled with limited options for addressing key positions like quarterback, was beginning to undermine any reasonable hope for 2020.

That didn’t stop Bears fans from musing about any and every potentially available replacement to Mitch Trubisky for next year, from Cam Newton to Philip Rivers to Tom Brady to Drew Brees. (They weren’t sufficiently desperate to pine for Eli Manning.)

Now, with three straight wins and two great performances from Trubisky, the Bears have not only an outside shot at making it to the playoffs at 7-6 but also a reason to feel a lot better about next year.

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The Bears most likely will exercise Trubisky’s fifth-year option before May 3, giving him $26 million or more for 2021, guaranteed for injury. And then the question will become when and if the Trubisky contract becomes a long-term deal.

The timing and amoung of Trubisky’s contract will depend on whether he continues to play well. The mere fact that he even has a chance to earn that contract is amazing, given that not too long ago Bears fans were thinking about when and how to most quickly finagle a divorce.

For more, check out the attached video, which includes comments from Big Cat, who knows a thing or two about the Bears.

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