Playoff win means Lions won’t pick until very late in the 1st round

Normally at this time of year, Detroit Lions fans are debating which prospects the team should consider with a top-10 pick in the upcoming draft. Not this year, not in 2024.

Thanks to the Lions first-ever win in the wild card round during the Super Bowl era, Detroit won’t pick until the late 20s. In fact, the earliest slot the Lions can get in the first round is No. 28 overall.

The losing teams from the first playoff weekend all earned slots between 19 and 24 overall. They are ordered by regular-season records, with the Dallas Cowboys picking 24th thanks to their 12-5 record — the best amongst the eliminated teams.

The four teams that fall in the division round next weekend will also sort that way, from fewest wins to most. Because the Lions are one of only three remaining teams (with San Francisco and Baltimore) with 12 wins or more, the Lions would earn the No. 28 slot if they lose. That’s the earliest they will pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire