New Playmakers podcast, with a St. Louis focus, is coming today

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It’s Friday. Which means that, among other things, a new Playmakers podcast is coming. But, as always, it’s only available to those who have pre-ordered Playmakers.

Today’s episode takes a deep dive regarding the Rams relocation litigation. It’s a major topic of interest in St. Louis, and more and more fans and media are realizing what a major problem it could be for the NFL.

Anyone can ask a question about the case here. And if you have preordered the Playmakers book, you’ll get to hear the answer.

To preorder Playmakers, here’s the Amazon link. The book also can be purchased from Barnes and Noble. You can order it from Books-A-Million. Or via Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, is the place to go. As always, a signed copy (if for some reason you’d actually want that) can be purchased from Premiere Collectibles.

After buying the book, upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website, and you’ll have every episode of the Playmakers podcast delivered to you. To get today’s episode about the St. Louis litigation, preorder Playmakers now. As in right now. As in what the hell are you waiting for?

New Playmakers podcast, with a St. Louis focus, is coming today originally appeared on Pro Football Talk