The Playlist: It's time to stream with fantasy basketball pickups for Week 6

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball analyst Dan Titus highlights players and teams to target in a stream-friendly week.

Video Transcript


DAN TITUS: Welcome back to "The Playlist." It's week 6, so let's get right into my pickups this week. Saddiq Bey, I mentioned him last week, and hopefully, you grabbed him. But now that Jalen Johnson's been injured, this changes things a bit. This guy is gonna have way more short-term appeal now that he's gonna be the starting power forward for the Atlanta Hawks. Jalen Johnson is going to be missing 3 to 4 weeks with a wrist injury, so make sure you add Saddiq Bey in all formats.

Keyonte George-- what are we doing here, people? I mean, what are we doing? Get him over 50% rostered. He's a starting point guard for the Jazz. He can get 7 assists. He gets the steals. His offensive game is only going to get better, so make sure you get him in all leagues right now. He's surprisingly down 4% from last week.

And lastly, Malik Beasley. This guy's been quietly balling under the radar. He's been top 60 over the last two weeks, and he's playing a ton of minutes-- 33 minutes per game. He's hitting four 3's. He's going to be a good source of scoring, 3's, steals, and even has a low turnover rate. So make sure you prioritize him if you see him on waivers. He's still under 40% rostered.

The players I'm going to be streaming Reggig-- Jackson of the Denver Nuggets. Now, Jamal Murray's going to be returning sometime soon, but that hasn't happened yet, so make sure you lock in Reggie Jackson. I know Reggie may not be the popular waiver add here, but I mean, he's gotten 6 assists in three of his last four games. You know he's a bucket when he wants to be, so I think there's going to be some streaming appeal here with the Denver Nuggets playing four games.

Second player is Jaden Ivey. Now, this guy is finally out of Monty Williams' doghouse, and he started the last two games for Detroit. With four games on tap this week, there's a very good chance that you'll see a lot of Jaden Ivey in the lineup. He's averaging over 21 points in those last two starts, and he's been filling up the box score. So he's a player that I would certainly look at that's well under-rostered right now.

And last one, Jaime Jaquez, Jr. The rookie out of UCLA is absolutely torching nets right now for the Miami Heat. He's been a top 70 player. Over the last week, he's averaging 18 and 1/2 points, 5 boards. He's getting the assists in there. I mean, it's just crazy how well he's playing and how efficient he's been.

Crazy shooting splits. Does that keep up? Probably not, but you gotta ride this heater. So make sure you pick up Jaime Jaquez, who's still under 50% rostered.

All right, let's get to some scheduling things that you need to know. So finally, we have a great week for streaming. We can stream Monday through Friday. There's 12 games on Saturday, so probably can avoid streaming that day, and there's no games on Sunday. So make sure you use your pickups throughout the week here.

So the teams that I would be interested in targeting this week for fantasy are the Pistons, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Pelicans, and the Jazz. All of those teams play on Monday and Wednesday, and then you have a few other teams that play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So all great streaming days for this week-- the Sixers, the Nuggets, and the Pelicans.

So those are the teams that I would really be looking for. And then, the teams I want to avoid, the Celtics and the Spurs. Both of them only play two games. The Celtics play on Tuesday. The Spurs don't play till Thursday. So it's going to be a while before you can start guys like Tre Jones and Jeremy Sochan. So make sure that you prioritize the right teams to target and get active this week. This is one of the rare weeks that you'll actually be able to pick up somebody every day in Daily League. So good luck to you. See you next week.