Playing more inside, Enow Etta impressing coaches, teammates in spring ball

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Every year, players rise from seemingly out of nowhere to become star players. Last year, Kenneth Grant certainly had that role (though eagle-eyed fans certainly knew who he was entering the 2023 season) and perhaps another lineman on defense could be that one to step up big once the season comes around.

Last week, when new head coach Sherrone Moore met with the media to discuss spring ball, he singled out a player who he thinks has a lot of potential entering 2024: “Enow Etta — super excited about him and what he can do,” Moore said.

His teammates seem to agree with Moore’s assessment.

On Monday, WolverinesWire asked Mason Graham what he’s seen from Etta, a former four-star entering his second year in college football, and see says he started seeing glimpses of him coming along late in the 2023 campaign.

“I think it started last year during the season toward the end of the season,” Graham said. “I know it wasn’t just me but everybody started seeing flashes of him, even when he’s on scout going against the one-on-one. So I feel like we all saw really good flashes towards the end of the year and kind of just carried the offseason. He’s gotten bigger, stronger. He’s doing some different stuff. So he’s kind of just everywhere right now. But I’ve seen really good things from him. Expect him to contribute this year.”

Etta was thought to be an edge rusher, but when WolverinesWire asked Kenneth Grant about him on Wednesday, he suggested that he’s made a move inside.

“He’s a very twitchy and powerful dude,” Grant said. “He’s just taking it all in. You know, he used to play edge, but doing some work doing the inside stuff. He’s doing a really good job just trying to we’re just trying to meet him there, just trying to teach him as much so he can adapt really quick.”

What makes Etta a good player to move inside?

Officially listed at 6-foot-5, 295 pounds, Etta already has requisite size to make an impact when it comes to moving linemen, especially the bulkier types on the inside.

Grant shared more, from a general perspective, on where he’s excelled and why he makes a good fit as a tackle compared to being an outside rusher.

“Just being quicker with your hands,” Grant said. “Reacting to different sort of blocks on the inside, because inside things happen, tend to happen a little more faster. So just coming off the rock and not getting blown off the ball, stuff like that. Small details.”

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire