Playing football was a 'pipe dream' for Glasgow City's Brown

Glasgow City's Fiona Brown is delighted by the growth in support for the women's game in Scotland.

Brown returned to Glasgow in the summer having left the club back in 2016 and can't believe the improvements in the number of fans at games.

"It is amazing," she said. "I think it just adds to the atmosphere of it.

"We have played football for as long as we can all remember and sometimes it was just your mum and your family and everyone else’s mum and dad in the crowd and that was it. Whereas now you’re seeing young girls coming to the games, families coming to the games, young boys coming to the games.

"It’s just showing the growth of the game in general, for the national team and club football I think it’s taken huge strides. We can capitalise on that and keep that going.

"We have got two massive clubs in men’s football that have a huge fanbase and you are starting to see those fans also coming to the women’s game and then we are also creating our own big fanbase that’s ours.

"It’s amazing. It’s providing so many opportunities for young kids to come and actually see it in front of them. For me growing up it was a pipe dream and it was a bit unrealistic but it happened.

"I think for kids growing up now it is a realistic thing that they can go to a game on a Sunday and see people playing football professionally and think that is what I’m going to do and their parents can’t tell them to go away and do their homework.

"That’s amazing to look at where we are compared to where we were."