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Players express disappointment with MLB's new economic proposal

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We’re no closer to Major League Baseball’s return after the league delivered its revised economic proposal to the players on Tuesday. In fact, the proposal may have only served to drive a deeper wedge between the league and the players.

That’s the read after the players union and a handful of players themselves commented publicly after learning details of the league’s new plan.

As expected, the league dropped a revenue-sharing model to pay players for a potential 2020 season after the players made it clear they were not interested. However, the new proposal was met with even more resentment. According to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, the league’s new proposal calls for a sliding scale that would pay lower-paid players closer to their half-season prorated salaries while higher-paid players would take a larger pay cut.

“We made a proposal to the union that is completely consistent with the economic realities facing our sport. We look forward to a responsive proposal from the MLBPA,” the league wrote in a statement late Tuesday afternoon.

The MLBPA responded with disappointment to the league’s proposal, adding that the two parties also remain far apart on health and safety issues.

The Players Association says the proposal involves massive additional pay cuts and the union is extremely disappointed. The sides also remain far apart on health & safety protocols. We’ll meet with players to determine next steps.

Players respond to proposal

Disappointment and perhaps even disgust would describe how the players are reacting.

Sometimes no words are required.

There’s also a clear frustration from the players side concerning how the information is getting out.

The prevailing thought is the owners are trying to cause a divide within the players camp by putting a bigger onus on high-salaried players to sacrifice for those lower on the scale. As former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden sees it, it’s a calculated play by the owners, who are confident fans will side against MLB’s highest paid stars.

We’ve already seen evidence of Braden’s fears coming true.

Regardless of how the fans feel, it’s clear the new proposal has raised tensions and created further damage that will take valuable time to repair. That’s concerning given the small negotiating window that exists.

This week is critical in the negotiating process. The target time to begin the season is the first week of July. With at least three weeks of preparation needed to get ready, the sides have roughly 14 days to make a 2020 MLB season become a reality.

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