Players around the NFL vote MetLife Stadium as the worst stadium to play in

Players around the league prefer to play at certain stadiums more than others, but not many of them are fond of playing at MetLife Stadium. For the first time, The Athletic held an anonymous player poll, and MetLife Stadium — which is where the New York Jets and the New York Giants both play — was voted as the worst stadium to play at in the NFL.

Of the 79 players who responded, 18.4 percent of them said that MetLife Stadium was the worst stadium to play in. The next closest stadium in terms of being an unpleasant experience for players was FedEx Field at 13.9 percent of the votes.

Before the 2023 season, there were changes made to the turf that was being used at MetLife Stadium due to the alarming number of injuries occurring. Despite that being the case, Garrett Wilson expressed his disdain for the turf at MetLife Stadium earlier this season.

With players across the league voicing their frustration about the turf at MetLife Stadium and other venues, 82.7 percent of the 81 players who responded believe the turf versus grass debate is a real concern. The majority of players believe that playing on grass is much better than playing on turf fields.

Until there’s a drastic change to the playing surface, it’s tough to believe that MetLife Stadium won’t remain most players’ least-favorite stadium to play in.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire