Players on the 49ers and Chiefs are barred from gambling in Vegas, until the game ends

The NFL strictly prohibits everyone in Las Vegas on official Super Bowl business — including 49ers and Chiefs players — from doing any kind of gambling at all. But that will end on Sunday night, after the game.

The NFL and NFL Players Association are in agreement that the prohibition on players on the 49ers and Chiefs gambling ends as soon as the game ends, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports. So any players looking to do some celebrating at a casino are free to gamble — though not on NFL games, of course.

So this week, 49ers and Chiefs players aren't allowed to play blackjack or craps or slot machines. But on Sunday night, they will be.

No one in the NFL is ever allowed to bet on the NFL. So while some sports books are already offering bets on the 2024 season, no one on the 49ers, Chiefs or any other team is permitted to make any of those bets at all.

Players on the other 30 teams who are in Las Vegas this week are allowed to gamble in casinos, but never on any NFL games.

League employees are never allowed to do any kind of betting, whether on sports or anything else, while they're traveling for work. That prohibition is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and doesn't end after the Super Bowl.