Player grades: Mikal Bridges has 36 as Nets lose to Knicks 108-103

NEW YORK — The Brooklyn Nets welcomed the New York Knicks to Barclays Center on Tuesday as part of Rivals Week and lost 108-103.

For the Nets, Mikal Bridges had 36 points and five assists while Cam Johnson had 19 points and five rebounds. Cam Thomas had 14 points off the bench and Nic Claxton had eight points.

For the Knicks, Julius Randle had 30 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists while Jalen Brunson had 30 points and four assists. Donte DiVincenzo had 11 points and OG Anunoby had 10 points.

In the first half, it was a back-and-forth contest as neither team could sustain efficient offense for a decent stretch. Mikal Bridges did his best to keep the Nets in the game as he scored 15 points in the half, but Jalen Brunson scored 18 points for the Knicks.

In the second half, the Nets took control of the game in the third quarter as they were able to force Randle and Brunson into some tough shots while forcing some turnovers out of the Knicks which led to some easy points. However, as has been the case throughout this season, the Nets let go of the rope in the fourth quarter in a disappointing way as they allowed the Knicks to change the game with their physicality and timely shot-making from Randle and Brunson.

Here are your Nets player grades following Tuesday’s loss:

Spencer Dinwiddie: F

Dinwiddie did not have a good game as he couldn’t get anything to go from anywhere on the court and looked like he was back to his passive ways of not creating scoring opportunities for himself. It’s hard to tell if this is by design or if Dinwiddie is trying to allow other players to get theirs before he gets going, but either way, Brooklyn’s offense does not work nearly as well with him playing this way. Other than that, Dinwiddie did not make an impact on either end of the floor which was disappointing to see given his return to good play recently.

Mikal Bridges: A-

Bridges played well in this one as he had his touch going shooting the ball early on. He had his offensive game going from all over the court as he was hurting the Knicks in every single way while appearing to have his confidence back even when he kissed shots that he should have made. Along with making some nice passes, Bridges also played some solid defense in this one.

Cam Johnson: B

Johnson was on fire in this game as he couldn’t miss from anywhere on the court, including from three-point range. He found a lot of success going against Jalen Brunson as Johnson was able to get to the rim multiple times and was wide-open from three on a few occasions as well. He hasn’t had many explosive games, but Johnson broke out of his recent three-point shooting slump and the hope is that continues.

Dorian Finney-Smith: B-

Finney-Smith did not shoot the ball well in this one as has been the case for the past few weeks or so. While he did not shoot the ball, Finney-Smith did other things to make himself valuable for the Nets during his time on the floor. He did a great job of defending Julius Randle as he made life difficult for him and he picked up a lot of assists through his passing within Brooklyn’s offensive scheme.

Nic Claxton: B+

Claxton had a solid game in this one as he did a good job of scoring near the rim when the ball came his way, except when Jericho Sims was at the rim. That’s understandable given how athletic and bouncy Sims is, but there were more chances for the Nets to get the ball to Claxton in position for him to score. He was awesome on the glass on both ends and he played some solid defense when he was in position to defend the rim.

Cam Thomas: B

Thomas played well in this one as he was efficient from the field thanks to his ability to get to wherever he wanted on the court. He did not make a three, but other than that, Thomas played a good offensive game for the Nets while he was on the floor and was one of the players that could provide some consistent offense. He also did a good job of passing the ball and while his assist total is low, that’s not taking into account potential assists.

Royce O'Neale: A-

O’Neale played well in this one as he had one of his more efficient shooting games even if it didn’t result in many points. One of the main indicators of whether O’Neale is going to have a good game on the offensive end is whether or not he’s hitting his threes and thankfully for both sides, he was making a good percentage of his threes. He also did a little bit of everything on the floor as he had to offer some resistance against Julius Randle while also being able to make some shots.

Dennis Smith Jr.: B-

Smith had a solid game in this one as he was able to provide an ability to get downhill on multiple occasions which opens up the Nets’ offensive capabilities. However, with Smith on the floor, Brooklyn has a player who isn’t able to create space for others through his shooting so he has to keep driving to the rim to continue making value on that end. Aside from that, Smith did a good job of passing the ball despite some turnovers and was good on the defensive end of the floor, especially against Jalen Brunson.

Lonnie Walker IV: F

Walker had a rough offensive game as he couldn’t get much to go from anywhere on the court, especially from deep. While he has been a constant source of offense for the Nets throughout this season, this game was not that as he just didn’t have it going in any way. With him not making much of an offensive contribution and his defense being so-so, Walker didn’t make much of an overall impact in this battle against the Knicks.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire