'We played one of the best teams in the world' - Kompany

Vincent Kompany
Vincent Kompany

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany to BBC Match of the Day: "Our team just keeps going and that will never go. But we're playing against a top team. We have to look at the easy goals we conceded but also the chances we created. The priority now is to build that momentum towards Fulham.

"We played one of the best teams in the world. In these games it's about being able to build chances and momentum. I felt if we had the last pass coming off, if we put it in the back of the net it would help of course.

"We had our moments. I can dissect it as much as I want but we have to move on to Fulham now.

"I thought we looked after the ball ever so well. Every time we had the ball we looked threatening. When we defended, we have to defend better.

"It's Burnley Football Club. It's 101 points in the Championship last year. It's six years survival in the Premier League with definitely the lowest budget for all those years. We'll find a way, we keep grafting and going. There's enough drive in the club to keep pushing ourselves. We're definitely not going to give anything up."