Plaxico Burress has bold take on Patriots rookie QB Drake Maye

Former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress weighed in on New England Patriots rookie quarterback Drake Maye, while also taking some of coach Jerod Mayo’s recent comments to heart.

Mayo said the young quarterback had a lot to work on, when he met with reporters last weekend. Nevertheless, he also said the rookie has been working hard since arriving in New England, including staying late at night to watch film.

The organization is looking to find a franchise quarterback for the second time in four seasons.

Burress completely took Mayo’s words out of context, as he spoke on “The Carton Show” earlier this week.

“That doesn’t sound good to me if I’m Jerod Mayo and the fans for the New England Patriots,” Burress said. “Basically what you’re saying is that, ‘We might have drafted the wrong guy. We are just going to paint this picture right now. He may not be as good as we thought he was coming out.'”

This is an odd take considering last weekend was just the start of rookie minicamp. So Maye has barely even started his NFL journey. With that said, something tells me this won’t be the last bold take we hear on the matter this year.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire