Plane passengers sing 'Baby Shark' to calm down crying kid: 'The sweetest gesture'

As a toddler cried on a crowded plane, none other than “Baby Shark” came to the rescue.

Usually, when there’s a noisy kid on the plane, they’re met with moans and groans. But this group of flyers chose to come together to help a little one get through a tough flight. Travel blogger Parikshit Balochi captured the moment his entire plane cabin formed a chorus to soothe a sobbing child by singing the popular kid’s tune.

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“Everyone on the plane passed the vibe check!” Balochi wrote in the caption. “Baby Shark to the rescue.”

In the footage, a crying toddler boy was being held by his father in the middle of the aisle. The dad rocked the boy as passengers clapped their hands and sang. Some people made funny faces at the kid while others cracked up in their seats.

“Grandma Shark, do do, do do do do / Grandma Shark, do do, do do do do / Grandma Shark, do do, do do do do / Grandma Shark,” the flyers sang.

The little boy appeared to calm down, and then, his father threw up a peace sign with his fingers before the video cut out.

“Cutest thing on the internet today,” a user said.

“This is the sweetest gesture! I would have cried in awe if I was there being a parent of that child,” another wrote.

“The song is a lifesaver,” someone commented.

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