Pittsburgh is expected to get the 2026 draft

In 2015, the draft accidentally became a traveling road show. The road is expected take the show to Pittsburgh in 2026.

Per multiple reports, NFL owners are expected to award the 2026 draft to the Steel City later today.

It seems inevitable that every NFL city eventually will host the draft. Unless the Super Bowl, which requires favorable weather and a local infrastructure that includes plenty of hotel rooms and a giant convention center, the draft can happen anywhere. In time, it will happen everywhere.

In two years, it'll happen in Pittsburgh.

And Pittsburgh will be a great host. It's a big city with a small-town vibe. And Pittsburgh loves football.

Not just Pittsburgh, but all surrounding communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. It's the cradle of football, and people will load up their cars, park them wherever they find a spot, and get to wherever the tens of thousands will gather.