Pittman says Hogs will be ready for Cincy dual quarterbacks

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Sam Pittman spoke to the media, announcing the team is officially preparing for their season-opener opponent, No. 23 Cincinnati Bearcats.

Cincinnati will likely use two quarterbacks to replace last year’s star quarterback Desmond Rider. Ben Bryant and Evan Taylor are fighting for the starting spot, but Cincy head coach Luke Fickell is not rushing to name the new starter.

“They’re both good players. One obviously a little more athletic than the other,” Pittman said about the two first-time.

“We’ll prepare for both. But both of them can run. Both of them can throw. One of them is a little quicker than the other guy. We’ll be ready either way. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be surprised if they played both of them.”

Bryant spent three seasons as Rider’s backup before transferring to Eastern Michigan. Then, after only one season away from the squad, he transferred back to Cincinnati. Like Bryant, Prater had to sit behind Rider, replacing Bryant as the backup last season.

Both offer different styles, which is why Pittman wants to

No matter what, the Hogs will have to create pressure at the line of scrimmage. The secondary for the Razorbacks is flooded with talent, but they need a solid pass rush to avoid extended coverage situations.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire