Pitt State Football Hosts Hs Mega Camp for Prospects

PITTSBURG, KS — The Pitt State Football program hosted their HS Mega Camp with a lot of potential prospects and college coaches in attendance.

The camp was hosted inside of the Plaster Center with between 250-300 athletes.

The Pitt State Football Coaching staff was hosting the camp but college coaches from other universities were in attendance to evaluate some talent.

Some of the colleges that were in attendance included; Butler CC, Coffeyville CC and Air Force among others.

During the camp the athletes went through various agility and speed drills like the 40-yard dash.

Head Coach Tom Anthony said, “Biggest part is the evaluation piece for us. That’s a huge part of our recruiting process to get a live event on kids. It’s great. You turn on the highlight film and I think nowadays a lot of kids, the only kid can put together good highlight film, but you want to see them live in person. Are they coachable? How well do they listen? And then when it comes to the competition piece, you know how do they do against good competition? So that’s really why these camps are valuable to us”.

Afterwards the athletes went through positional drills and ended the camp by competing in some 1-on-1 group competition drills.

Anthony spoke on creating connections with these kids from a recruiting standpoint.

Anthony said, “I think for us, one of the biggest pieces in recruiting is just to get the kid on campus. Once we can get them on campus and they can see see the community get a feel for the community, see the facilities, see all the great things we have going on around here. That’s really the biggest thing for us is once we get them on campus now we feel like we can hook them in. We got them in a little bit. And then, continuing to build that relationship piece with those kids is a big part of it”.

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