PITT 8 PREVIEW: Lady Hornets readying for Pitt 8 Tourney battles

Jan. 13—The Lady Hornets are ready for the challenges ahead.

Stuart is preparing for the 2024 Pitt 8 Conference Tournament, and are using the experience they've gained throughout the season to catapult them into the action next week.

"We play hard, and we're getting better," said coach Rodney Treat, who has taken the helm for Stuart girls this season.

The Lady Hornets have seen their fair share of gritty wins, including over the likes of Tupelo, Lakewood, and a third-place finish at the Davenport Tournament with a win over Strother.

Stuart has also been busy against fellow Pitt 8 members already in the first half of the season.

"We beat Haileyville, beat Indianola in their tournament," Treat said. "We lost to Crowder, then lost to Indianola and Savanna."

The Lady Hornets have won one Pitt 8 Conference title in 1986. Last season, Stuart was named conference runner-up after a championship battle with Pittsburg.

This season, they'll look to return to the championship game — with the first stop on that journey being an opening-round tilt against Canadian.

It will be a battle every night, but the Lady Hornets are ready for the challenge. It's the way they've been all season, and they're ready to rise to the occasion.

"We don't really have that one kid that we need to score, so it leads to a struggle at times," he said. "But overall, we had a good Christmas break and we're getting better."