PITT 8 PREVIEW: Cougars growing ahead of Pitt 8 tourney

Jan. 13—The Cougars are ready for the hunt.

Canadian will face its foes in conference play next week during the 2024 Pitt 8 Tournament, and although the Cougars experienced some early adversity, they aren't backing down from the fight.

"Lost one of our starters after the first game," coach Bo Bedford said. "We're looking for some young ones to fill in some spots."

The Cougars have battled to some hard-earned wins so far this season, and those victories coming through conference play with wins over Savanna and Haileyville.

Canadian has won 10 conference championships in the history of the Pitt 8, with the latest title coming in 2020. Last season, the Cougars fought their way into the consolation championship game against Pittsburg.

This year, the Cougars will see a clean slate and look to make some noise. They'll open up the 2024 tournament with a first-round battle with Crowder — with the last meeting being an overtime thriller.

But no matter what challenges come their way, Bedford said his team is growing every day. They've experienced some ups and downs, but he firmly believes they're on the best path forward.

"We're still learning, trying to catch up," he said. "And I think we're heading in the right direction. Just got to get it together.