PITT 8 PREVIEW: Bulldogs bracing for battle at Pitt 8

Mar. 30—The Bulldogs are getting ready for battle.

Savanna is setting itself up for friendly fights this week against the conference competition during the 2024 Pitt 8 Conference Baseball Tournament at Stuart.

The Bulldogs saw their journey through the tournament last season end in the consolation semifinals. But now, the slate is wiped clean as they ready to face the Pitt 8 field once more.

Despite the unpredictable Oklahoma spring weather, Savanna has worked through the adversity of rainouts and have been putting in the work this season. The squad has taken on teams such as Wilburton, Talihina, and Cameron, while also matching up against several Pitt 8 teams this spring — with battles against Crowder, Stuart, and Kiowa.

Collectively this season, Savanna has scored more than 16 runs in the young season.

Now, the Bulldogs will be setting their sights on tournament play, looking to make their mark on this year's competition.

Savanna will begin its 2023 Pitt 8 journey on Thursday, facing off against Crowder in the opening round of the tournament.