A pit bull is the internet's new favorite beauty blogger

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Beauty bloggers, beware! Malachi the pit bull is coming for your spot. (Photo: Twitter/noelaniig)
Beauty bloggers, beware! Malachi the pit bull is coming for your spot. (Photo: Twitter/noelaniig)

Beauty blogging, as anyone with Instagram knows, has had a major effect on our industry. Beauty bloggers get their own conventionsbeauty lines, and videos with Kim Kardashian’s newest products. In 2018, it can feel too late for a new beauty guru to get in the game. Until we met Malachi the dog.

Malachi is a pit bull who’s here to teach you how to accomplish “blue to gray fur tones.” The tutorial, posted by his owner,  Noelani G, on Twitter, is worth a watch even if you’ve already spent most of the New Year watching beauty videos on YouTube. With the aid of a robotic voice-over, Malachi works his way through a look “perfect for a date at the dog park, or just a casual walk around the neighborhood.”

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While Malachi enjoys the gentle petting of a makeup brush, the voice-over walks us through foundation, highlight, brows, and lip gloss. (Pro tip from Malachi: Dogs apply lip gloss by licking their lips. Shiny!) Don’t worry, no product is actually applied to his fur.

Hundreds of human and canine commenters are replying with love for Malachi’s look.

Dog foster mom Noelani labels herself a rescue and adoption advocate and shares plenty of photos and videos of her five pups on her timeline. It’s especially sweet to see her love for pit bulls — often considered a dangerous and hard-to-adopt breed. She even has a clothing line, Urban Suburban Apparel, described as “clothing for dog people.” Offerings include hats that say “Legalize Pit Bulls,” hoodies that read “Don’t Bully My Breed,” and the cutest tee: “I’m not a regular dog mom, I’m a cool dog mom.”

In good news for pit bulls and beauty lovers, Malachi’s tutorial has already been viewed over 1 million times on Twitter. Turns out pit bulls aren’t just good pets, they’ll also teach you how to beat your brows.

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