On the Pistons wanting to trade for Zach LaVine from a Detroit perspective

By now, most fans of the Chicago Bulls have heard about the Detroit Pistons’ front office wanting to trade for Zach LaVine, and the Bulls understandably wanting one of the Pistons’ four best players for parting with the best player on their team.

Per James Edwards III of The Athletic, discussions have been had to such an effect, but at least so far there has been no budging by either side of the equation. Would an offer built around Bojan Bogdanovic be enough to get the trade across the finish line before the Feb. 8 trade deadline shuts the door on transactions until the offseason?

Perhaps more importantly, how are analysts on the other side of the deal looking at a potential trade for LaVine of any sort?

The hosts of the “Locked on Pistons” podcast recently weighed in on the LaVine trade rumbles; check out the clip embedded above to hear what they had to say.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire