Pistons rookie Andre Drummond is pretty good with a lightsaber (VIDEO)

Last year, the Detroit Pistons' "Star Wars Night" promotion brought us a rare and informative interview with Chewbacca. This year's model, held Friday night when the Pistons took on the Atlanta Hawks at the Palace of Auburn Hills, taught us what League Pass watchers have long since learned — that the Force is strong with rookie center Andre Drummond:

Smooth moves, Andre. Between your sharp 'sabering, the penguin-loving and the evident artistic ability, you're proving to be precisely the kind of behemoth that NBA nerds everywhere can love, even in just 20 minutes per game. It's kind of like how some "Star Wars" fans love Wedge Antilles and Admiral Ackbar despite their relatively limited screen time, only with already elite dunking and rebounding. (I'd like it if you were nicer to Hooper, though; he's not your maid, man.)

Also, for what it's worth: The Pistons' average nightly home attendance this season? A worst-in-the-league 13,272 fans. The Pistons' attendance on nights where the Palace shows a video of Andre Drummond having a lightsaber fight with an anthropomorphic horse? A reported 14,832 fans, an increase of nearly 1,600 paid attendees. Oh, and a win over the third-best team in the East, which is also pretty good. (Granted, Detroit nearly blew a 19-point lead in the process, but still.)

There's an important lesson here, Pistons — more Andre Drummond sci-fi flicks. Or maybe hire "Star Wars Night" host Billy Dee Williams as an assistant coach? Either or, I guess, but ideally both.

Video via the Pistons' official YouTube channel.

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