Pirates pitcher gets mistaken for Bryce Harper, tells waiter he's signing with Yankees

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Who is Bryce Harper and who is <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/10144/" data-ylk="slk:Trevor Williams">Trevor Williams</a>? (Images via AP)
Who is Bryce Harper and who is Trevor Williams? (Images via AP)

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams had a tough decision to make Thursday night. After a waiter mistook Williams for Bryce Harper, Williams could either admit he was a different baseball player, or go along with the lie. Williams chose the latter.

Because of that, there’s a waiter out there who thinks Bryce Harper is definitely signing with the New York Yankees.

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Yikes. Hopefully that waiter didn’t go home and tell all his friends he just got the baseball scoop of a lifetime.

In Williams’ defense, Harper could technically sign with the Yankees. The team hasn’t been linked to Harper much this offseason, but you can’t count the Yankees out when it comes to premier free agents.

Because we live in a world filled with viral stunts, we have to ask: Did this really happen? The only real upside of Williams making it up is more attention on social media. And given that he’s already a baseball player with 24,000 followers, he probably gets enough of that.

This is probably nothing more than a prank by Williams. We would say it was cruel, but the only thing hurt by the exchange was the waiter’s pride.

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