Pineapple on Pizza? See Where You Land on America's Most Controversial Foods

When it comes to gatherings, food is the centerpiece that brings everyone together. But the way we perceive our food (i.e. preparation, category, pronunciation, etc.) varies throughout different cultures, regions, and personal taste. Take pizza, for example. Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza? I, for one, love it and used to always request pineapple at school pizza parties growing up so there would be more pizza for my friend and me. Because there are very strong opinions about the food we eat, the folks at RTA Outdoor Living surveyed 1,000 Americans to get to the bottom of some of the most controversial food debates. Read on to see if you agree or disagree with the country on barbecue, pizza, french fry types, and more.

Courtesy of RTA Outdoor Living

America's Barbecue Opinions

Is a hot dog a sandwich? You've probably been a part of this debate before. According to the survey, nearly 57% of America believes hot dogs belong in the sandwich category. Of course, the preferred cooking method for hot dogs is grilling, but the survey shockingly revealed 12.6% of respondents choose microwaved hot dogs and 17.5% prefer boiling their hot dogs.

On the other side of the grill, most burger fans (which 75.2% agree it's a sandwich) will accept a medium-cooked patty. When it comes to cheese, 84.4% feel strongly the slice should go on top of the patty. For the rest of the grilling party, ribs, burnt ends, or ribeye are the preferred cuts of meat. And if you decide to make chicken wings, 63.4% think boneless wings are supreme.

Courtesy of RTA Outdoor Living

America's Pizza Opinions

While the majority of Americans can agree on triangle cut slices (90.5%) and eating it with their hands (82.5%), the rest of our pizza opinions are strong and divided. I'm pleased to say I could be friends with 47.5% of respondents that actually want pineapple on their pizza. Perhaps the most shocking revelation on this survey (to me, at least) is the fact nearly 53% of people say ketchup is an acceptable dipper. I love ketchup, but I'm sticking with ranch dressing—along with the other 44.2%.

Courtesy of RTA Outdoor Living

America's Opinions on Sweets and Snacks

French fries are beloved enough to have drastically different opinions about them. Are they vegetables? Well, 55.3% believe so! Are you ordering curly, steakhouse, or regular? Most are going with the classic regular cut fried spuds (30.9%).

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Now onto desserts. What do you call a fruit dessert with a crumb/crust topping? Out of the many variations, America is calling it a crumble (32%) over crisp (24.5%) or cobbler (24.4%). For the chocolate lovers in the bunch, not all brownie pieces are the same, as three in four prefer respondents go for the crispy edges and 24% want a gooey brownie from the center. When it comes to one of my favorite sweet treats (s'mores!), I find it funny to join less than 5% of the country that wants the marshmallow charred to a crisp compared to the 41.6% aiming for a toasty golden brown 'mallow.

So how did your controversial food opinions stack up to the rest? No matter how you feel about brownies, tropical fruit on pizza, or chicken wing types, here's to enjoying the foods you love with family and friends.