Piece of glass (maybe?) falls from high atop Oracle Arena, shatters on court, delays Heat-Warriors (Video)

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Well, this was weird:

Just past the midway point of the third quarter of Wednesday's barn-burner between the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, officials had to stop play because what appeared to be a large piece of glass dropped from high atop Oracle Arena and came crashing down on the court in the middle of the game. That doesn't happen very frequently, which is a good thing, because objects hurtling toward ground level at 32 feet per second would seem to represent a pretty significant danger for the mostly quite tall gentlemen below. Warriors forward Harrison Barnes, for example, was far closer to getting brained by free-falling glass than any player would like to be. (Thank goodness he was a bit higher on the floor as he rotated to pick up a diving Chris Bosh.)

Thankfully, no basketball players were harmed in the making of this oddity, the Warriors' dedicated team of towel-wielding professionals set to cleaning up the shattered glass (no Stephen, no Britney) and play resumed shortly thereafter. All we were left with was the question of just what the heck the item that fell to earth really was. The broadcast team suggested that it might have been a piece of a camera positioned in the rafters before turning attention to a large disco ball that, for some reason, hangs high above the Oracle floor; then again, given the size of the chunk that crashed, and the size of the missing panels on the disco ball, it's possible that it was something else entirely. The mystery persisted after the game, with it remaining "unclear what the object was," according to Antonio Gonzalez of The Associated Press. Perhaps Oracle has a Phantom that we need to be concerned about.

After play resumed with nobody getting their Annie Lennox on (a good thing) and no unexpected run-in from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (a bad thing), the Warriors resumed their game-changing third-quarter run, which erased a 21-point Heat lead to give Golden State a lead early in the fourth. Miami roared back, though, finally earning a 111-110 win on a ridiculous step-back 3-pointer by LeBron James over the outstretched arm of Andre Iguodala that left Warriors fans' hearts as broken as that pane of glass.

Video via @cjzero.

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