Pictures of LeBron James' pretty amazing Miami mansion

Not content to merely tell you that LeBron James(notes) has moved into a massive mansion down in South Beach (overlooking Biscayne Bay, 12,000-square feet, a water view from every room), we now need to hip you to how, exactly, LeBron James' life will look from day to day. Provided he's not pulling into Sacramento at 3 p.m. on a Saturday morning in order to play the Kings that night.

Here are the pictures of James' most recent purchase (besides that club sandwich from the hotel in Sacramento):

The front view:

[Photos: Tiger Wood’s fancy new bachelor pad]

The place for his two yachts, should he choose to buy two yachts. I really hope he buys two yachts. Keep the fire, LeBron!

His kitchen view.

Another view of his kitchen, because it's a big kitchen.

One of the lavatories.

His spa (that bowl isn't big enough for LeBron, but Carlos Arroyo(notes) could totally fit in it.)

His laundry room, because all those "LBJ MVP" shirts aren't going to clean themselves.

A rear view.

Another Biscayne Bay view, complete with a personal bay, where the gentleman sleep's all day.

The home theatre.

The wine cellar, which would be even better if he didn't fill all those cubbies with wine.

The master bedroom.

(Chris Bosh(notes) joke.)

(All pictures courtesy Obeo.)

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