Pictured: Chelsea owners depicted as clowns in Stamford Bridge sticker campaign

Sticker campaign at Chelsea
Supporter unrest is growing at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea’s owners have been made the target of a Stamford Bridge sticker campaign as dissatisfaction towards Behdad Eghbali and Todd Boehly threatens to boil over.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust warned Eghbali and Boehly in a 1,500-word letter of the potential for fan protests, and Telegraph Sport can reveal that one organised campaign against their ownership has already started.

Stickers were seen in the concourse areas of at least one Stamford Bridge stand last Sunday, during Chelsea’s FA Cup tie against Leicester City, depicting co-controlling owners Eghbali, Boehly and José E Feliciano, as clowns.

Eghbali and Feliciano own Clearlake Capital, and manage the private equity firm’s 61.5 per cent shareholding in Chelsea, while Boehly owns just under 13 per cent of the club.

In the stickers, the trio are pictured as clowns under the heading ‘Clownlake, three ring circus’. Underneath their doctored images, it says ‘get them out, we want our Chelsea back’.

The stickers were seen on official club signage within the stadium and one appeared next to another sticker of former owner Roman Abramovich, whose name fans have chanted this season.

Chelsea stickers
Roman Abramovich's reign at Chelsea has been thrown into sharp focus

It is unknown who is responsible for the stickers and whether or not they will continue to appear within Stamford Bridge, but the fans are making their dissatisfaction towards Chelsea’s owners clear.

They chanted against Boehly during the draw with Brentford and the Chelsea Supporter’s Trust were disappointed with a response from chief executive Chris Jurasek, another Clearlake employee, to their letter outlining the “serious concerns” of fans.

In their letter, the Trust said: “Unless the situation improves, this seems likely to manifest itself in more targeted chanting, especially at televised games, and quite possibly more organised, overt, and impactful forms of protest by some sections of the fanbase.”

Chelsea have not commented on their communications with the supporters’ trust, whose chairman Mark Meehan offered an olive branch to the board in an interview with BBC London on Wednesday night.

Meehan said: “It was probably a way of offering an olive branch to the board and saying ‘look, it’s not good at the present moment in time, but there’s a lot of good happening and this is a retrievable situation’. We’re asking the club to work with us and perhaps even other supporters’ groups to improve the supporter-board relationship.

“The club, when the owners started, did say they want to be the trailblazers in fan engagement and they are doing a lot of good things already. We are complimentary of that. But we are saying they need to go further. It’s very much about opening up. Open up to the wider supporter base, be transparent, talk about your strategy, talk about your ambition. And we know there’s going to be financial challenges. Chelsea supporters are adults, share them, have that adult conversation. Daniel Levy and Spurs can have an open meeting with Tottenham supporters. Why can’t Chelsea Football Club?”

Jurasek has faced criticism for reportedly referring to supporters as “customers” and cutting the bus subsidy for away travel.


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