Pickleball Tournament raises money for Young Life ministry in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A faith-based charity hits the small court in Mobile. A Pickleball tournament raised money for Young Life Ministry. The squeaks and pops of pickleball fill the air at the Mobile Tennis Center for this annual tournament to benefit “Young Life” and the many activities they provide for kids in Mobile.

“Club meetings, whether it is our weekly campaigner groups, which are Bible studies we do. And then some of the big things are our campaign. In the summer, we do a trip to an orphanage, a mission trip down to Guatemala. This helps provide and supplement all of those things to happen. It allows us to have staff. It allows us to have people in the community,” said Young Life volunteer Michael Schultz. This year more than 200 people hit the short courts.

“I think the importance of young life is to be able to connect with these high school middle school students and not only introduce them to Jesus, but also just walk in them with our walk with them in that. Just walk with them through life. And just the difficulties of being a high school, middle school student these days,” said Young Life Volunteer Drew Windham.

As the pandemic wound down in recent years, pickleball has been a growing sport and it was the activity Young Life leaders chose to get together and reconnect with kids.

“We set up pickleball. We found some great people that helped us put this in, and the first time we came out and played, we finally realized there’s a whole lot of people better than us,” said Schultz.

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