Zoom in on NBA players' tattoos

Ever wonder what NBA players actually have tattooed on their bodies? These up-close views of their tattoos give you a detailed look at them. Maybe you will find a typo! Kevin Durant finished his back tattoo, but it may include a misspelling.

Chris Anderson. Getty Images.

Chris Anderson

Kevin Durant. Getty Images and Instagram

Kevin Durant

Kobe Bryant. Getty Images.

Kobe Bryant

Deron Williams. Getty Images.

Deron Williams

Derrick Rose. Getty Images.

Derrick Rose

Jason Terry. Getty Images.

Jason Terry

Gerald Green. Getty Images.

Gerald Green

J.R. Smith. Getty Images

J.R. Smith

Lebron James. Getty Images

LeBron James

Luke Walton. Getty Images.

Luke Walton

Monta Ellis. Getty Images.

Monta Ellis

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