Year in Review 2012: Most Impressive Animals

Stingray photobomb

In September, a Reddit user posted a photo of a giant stingray photobombing three horrified women. The image, which was undated and uncredited, quickly went viral. Stingrays on backs: Funny until it happens to you. (Reddit)

Purple squirrel

A purple squirrel may sound like an exotic cocktail, but it's actually got nothing to do with booze. A purple-hued squirrel was found in a Pennsylvania backyard and folks were flummoxed as to how it got its unusual coloring. One theory: It fell into a Porta-Potty. (Facebook)

Dog stands guard over owner’s grave

Capitan, a very loyal German shepherd, continued to stand guard at the grave of his owner six years after the owner passed away. Amazingly, the dog wasn't aware of the cemetery prior to his owner's death. (La Voz)

World's longest snake

Meet Medusa, the world's longest snake (in captivity) according to Guinness World Records 2013 Edition. The 25-foot, 2-inch python subsides on a diet of rabbits, hogs, and deer. (Kevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records)

Fattest cat

A 40-pound cat named (what else?) Garfield is on a strict diet after his owner passed away. The North Shore Animal League of America on Long Island hopes Garfield can lose two pounds a month. (Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft Media/Landov)

World's cutest dog Boo

Boo, the so-called cutest dog in the world, poses for the camera. With over 5 million Facebook fans and several books, the Pomeranian pooch is a certified superstar. (Gretchen LeMaistre/Chronicle Books)

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