Winter Olympians show off their tattoos - Window to the Winter Games

Check out the ink on some of your favorite members of Team USA. -- Chelsea Evers

Charles Hamelin

Canadian speedskating champion Charles Hamelin shows off his back tattoo of the Olympic rings. (Courtesy of Twitter user @nickpurdoncbc)

Bobby Brown

John Daly

John Daly (courtesy NBC Images)

Lana Gehring

Lana Gehring (courtesy NBC Images)

Monique Lamoureux

Monique Lamoureux (courtesy NBC Images)

Heather Richardson

Heather Richardson (courtesy NBC Images)

Julia Chu

John Coughlin

John Coughlin (courtesy NBC Images)

Heather Richardson

Scotty Lago

Kikkan Randall

Andy Newell

Brittany Bowe

Elena Hight

Louis Vito

Jazmine Fenlator

JR Celski

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