Germany still reeling from floods

The Elbe River overflowed putting parts of the Germany, along with several other east European countries, underwater. German locals are still reeling from the floods as they load sandbags near a dyke at the Elbe river.

Germany still reeling from extensive flooding

Flooding continues to cause havoc in some parts of Europe. In Germany a collapsed dam near Fischbeck in the north east is likely to add to the six billion euros of damage already estimated across the country from this year’s extreme weather. In Magdeburg, one of the oldest cities in eastern Germany, thousands have had to evacuate their homes as the river Elbe rose around five metres above normal, surpassing the level reached in the devastating floods of 2002. Meanwhile volunteers in the city have pitched in to help emergency services to shore up electric substations and some residential areas. In Hungary, the capital escaped severe damage from the swollen river Danube which has peaked and has now started to recede. In some suburbs between 300 and 400 houses were flooded but it was less than had been expected. The focus now is on the stretch of river south of Budapest where the Danube us due to peak at record levels in the coming days.

Floods Hit Germany: Northern Elbe River Region

WITTENBERGE, BRANDENBURG - JUNE 11: A local resident and volunteer, who said he has been filling sandbags on day and night shifts since last week, takes a break among sandbags filled by volunteers to strengthen dykes against the swollen Elbe river on June 11, 2013 in Wittenberge, Germany. Authorities are revising their river level estimates downward following the bursting of a dyke upstream that sent floodwaters into fields and nearby villages. Germany is experiencing floods that in some regions are the worst in recorded history and at least seven people have died. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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