Triple Crown winners throughout history

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American Pharoah has a chance to gallop into glory by becoming the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Take a look at all of the horses who finished the journey and claimed this elusive title.

<b>Year:</b> 1978<br><b>Horse:</b> Affirmed<br><b>Jockey:</b> Steve Cauthen<br><b>Trainer:</b> Lazaro S. Barrera<br><b>Owner:</b> Harbor View Farm
Year: 1978
Horse: Affirmed
Jockey: Steve Cauthen
Trainer: Lazaro S. Barrera
Owner: Harbor View Farm
<b>Year:</b> 1977<br><b>Horse:</b> Seattle Slew<br><b>Jockey:</b> Jean Cruguet<br><b>Trainer:</b> William Turner, Jr.<br><b>Owner:</b> Karen L. Taylor
Seattle Slew
Year: 1977
Horse: Seattle Slew
Jockey: Jean Cruguet
Trainer: William Turner, Jr.
Owner: Karen L. Taylor
<b>Year:</b> 1973<br><b>Horse:</b> Secretariat<br><b>Jockey:</b> Ron Turcotte<br><b>Trainer:</b> Lucien Laurin<br><b>Owner:</b> Meadow Stable
Year: 1973
Horse: Secretariat
Jockey: Ron Turcotte
Trainer: Lucien Laurin
Owner: Meadow Stable
<b>Year:</b> 1946<br><b>Horse:</b> Assault<br><b>Jockey:</b> Warren Mehrtens<br><b>Trainer:</b> Max Hirsch<br><b>Owner:</b> King Ranch
Year: 1946
Horse: Assault
Jockey: Warren Mehrtens
Trainer: Max Hirsch
Owner: King Ranch
<b>Year:</b> 1943<br><b>Horse:</b> Count Fleet<br><b>Jockey:</b> John Longden<br><b>Trainer:</b> Don Cameron<br><b>Owner:</b> Mrs. J. D. Hertz
Count Fleet
Year: 1943
Horse: Count Fleet
Jockey: John Longden
Trainer: Don Cameron
Owner: Mrs. J. D. Hertz
<b>Year:</b> 1941<br><b>Horse:</b> Whirlaway<br><b>Jockey:</b> Eddie Arcaro<br><b>Trainer:</b> Ben A. Jones<br><b>Owner:</b> Calumet Farm
Year: 1941
Horse: Whirlaway
Jockey: Eddie Arcaro
Trainer: Ben A. Jones
Owner: Calumet Farm
<b>Year:</b> 1935<br><b>Horse:</b> Omaha<br><b>Jockey:</b> William Saunders<br><b>Trainer:</b> James Fitzsimmons<br><b>Owner:</b> JBelair Stud
Year: 1935
Horse: Omaha
Jockey: William Saunders
Trainer: James Fitzsimmons
Owner: JBelair Stud
<b>Year:</b> 1930<br><b>Horse:</b> Gallant Fox<br><b>Jockey:</b> Earl Sande<br><b>Trainer:</b> James Fitzsimmons<br><b>Owner:</b> Belair Stud
Gallant Fox
Year: 1930
Horse: Gallant Fox
Jockey: Earl Sande
Trainer: James Fitzsimmons
Owner: Belair Stud
<b>Year:</b> 1919<br><b>Horse:</b> Sir Barton<br><b>Jockey:</b> John Loftus<br><b>Trainer:</b> H. G. Bedwell<br><b>Owner:</b> J.K.L. Ross
Sir Barton
Year: 1919
Horse: Sir Barton
Jockey: John Loftus
Trainer: H. G. Bedwell
Owner: J.K.L. Ross

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