The world's greenest smartphone makers

To mark Earth Day 2013, we take a look at the top seven smartphone manufacturers that have scored high "in terms of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and use

of precious earth minerals, as well as on issues such as a product's energy efficiency." The list is culled from Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics. (Compiled by Alora Uy Guerrero)

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7. BlackBerry. The smartphones of the Canadian company formerly known as Research In Motion or RIM are free of brominated and chlorinate substances. Suppliers are even surveyed regarding their sourcing of conflict materials.


6. LG. The Korean manufacturer has a system in place in 52 countries for buying back obsolete devices.


5. Lenovo. The pride of China is committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions.


4. Sony. Props to Sony for being historically one of the most environmentally aware technology conglomerates.


3. Samsung. The South Korean giant has helped customers hold on to their existing gadgets for as long as possible.


2. Apple. The company that will always be associated with Steve Jobs holds the distinction of being one of the first tech companies to produce products that are free of PVC [polyvinyl chloride plastic] and BFR [bominated frame retardant].


1. Nokia. The Finnish handset maker has phone collection points in 100 countries. Its newest phones are made of recycled plastics.