The 'Survivor: Caramoan' Cast Recalls the Season's Highlights

Season Premiere

"I've been obsessively following 'Survivor' as a fan for half my life, so the realization that I would be returning to the game as a favorite was exhilarating, humbling, and utterly surreal all at the same time." -- Cochran

Season Premiere

"I thought: This feels familiar... What a bunch of cowards!" -- Francesca

There'€™s Gonna be Hell to Pay

"Playing back-to-back had its pros and cons, the most notable disadvantage being how wasted I was both physically and mentally. The most significant effect of being an unknown on the favorites' beach was that it heavily influenced my decision to flip on Stealth R Nonsense, since they never fully trusted me early in the game." -- Malcolm

Kill or be Killed

"Meeting Tata was like meeting someone from another planet. Sincerely. Not only does he look different than any person I know back home (shorter, yet muscular like a wrestler), he lives such a different life than I do. It was incredible to share a day with him and learn about life with this jungle man." -- Dawn

Persona Non Grata

"Brandon was unnecessarily coocoo bananas. I also couldn't understand where all the rage was coming from and what that had to do with 'Survivor.' Regardless, I was happy to have someone look like the bad guy to polarize myself from." -- Brenda

Blindside Time

"I think I played a great game this season and I am so thrilled that CBS Television, host Jeff Probst and producer Mark Burnett invited me back to play as a fan favorite. In fact, it was a total honor. During this season, I established a strong, solid alliance with Stealth R Us. I performed well in the early challenges, and that helped the Favorites gain traction as the Fans struggled to find their footing. Later on, even though Malcolm sided with the Three Amigos, after the merge he sacrificed two immunity idols to eliminate me from the game, and in the end it backfired. If he had not fixated on me as a threat, he might be still in the game. So even in defeat my presence influenced the final outcome. That said, I am satisfied with my overall gameplay and feel proud that Parvati Shallow actually dubbed me a 'Survivor' icon on CBS's 'After Show.' I hope the viewing audience enjoyed watching my growth this season. I missed out on the pot of gold, but I still have wonderful memories to treasure for the rest of my life." -- Phillip, "The Specialist"

Blindside Time

"Winning such a classic 'Survivor' challenge was a dream come true. The jury's still out on whether demonstrating that skill-set will improve my dating life, but -- if nothing else -- it provided me with one of my fondest memories from playing the game." -- Cochran

Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites II

"There is an element of pride associated with the Three Amigos knocking out Phillip and his nasty underwear in such grand fashion. While it didn't work out in the long run, in fact nothing about my last few tribals went according to plan at all, the pride stems from my taking my fate into my own hands, playing boldly, and not just coasting to the finish hoping I'd get taken deep into the game." -- Malcolm

The Beginning of the End

"Honestly, I wasn't going to play it. I think I was so focused on the blind side (of Brenda) that I thought I was setting up that I missed all the cues. Also, the rest of the tribe pulled it off beautifully, which is why I was more impressed by the move than actually hurt by it. I thought about selling it so I can pay New York rent, but my mom would kill me!" -- Andrea