The most important thing you've ever learned about being a mom


this week, we asked Yahoo! Canada readers to share the most important thing

they’ve ever learned about being a mother. We received more than 200 replies:

some were hilarious, some were heartwarming and some were painfully honest. Now,

we’ve compiled a list of some of the best advice for you. Thanks for sharing,

moms! Happy Mother’s Day!

Let them help when they want to

I am not a woman, but I raised my two daughters alone, and I was told at that time by women who watched me with my kids, "You're a mom!" I think I have an important piece of advice: Let them help when they want to, even when they are too small to be much real help. If you say, "Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!" too many times, by the time they are big enough and you want them to help, you'll just have tantrums to contend with. When my older daughter was 3, I was canning string beans. I was cutting up the beans, and she was stuffing them in the jars. Her sister, 16 or 17 months old, had to crane her neck to see on top of the table. She watched for a while, then reached up and took a bean. I thought she was going to eat it. She bit off a piece, but took it out of her mouth and put it up on the table. Then she bit off another piece and did the same. When she had bitten that bean all in pieces, she took another one. I thought, "What in the world is she doing?" Then I realized she was cutting up beans the only way she had available. She was helping, even though she couldn't even talk yet! She did several more beans, then wandered off. I canned those beans along with the rest, because I thought it wouldn't be right not to accept her help, offered in good faith.

It's not an easy job

I've learned that it's a very, very hard job. I've learned that I need to forgive myself for the times every day when I'm less than super mom; the times where I make mistakes. I've learned to bathe in the beauty of moments with my son: our laughter together, our cuddles, when we are napping together an our breathing is in synch, when he is learning from me. I've already discovered that these moments pass so quickly. I've learned that I'm flawed but capable of a tremendous amount of love. – K-Mom

There's nothing better

There is simply no greater love. – Krista B

Happy Mother's Day!

Kids don't come with a manual

Children don't come with a manual. they are all unique in thier own way and should be treated as such. Show them you love them and will be with them unconditionally. Relax, enjoy and be the best parent you can – Er

Don't worry about little things

I have learned to not sweat the small stuff. Take the time you could be worrying about something trivial and use it to hug, laugh, or read with your child. So what if the house is messy, so is life. Make sure your child knows you love and treasure them and just do your best. – Shellinwinn

You can't control it all

I'm a mom and I've had to learn (and am still learning) that you cannot control everything! You have to let go and stop trying to control every little thing. You will drive yourself and everyone around you crazy. That means, try not to be so bossy with everything and everyone. It doesn't matter if your house is messy, or if your kid's clothes don't match, or if your kid doesn't get his nap. The world will not end. The world will also not end if your kid forgets their jacket. You have to let go of fear (that's a big one for me). – Olivia

Mom knows best

When you *sound like your Mother*, smile... she probably didn't do too bad a job. -- Purrrnow2010

Let your kids be themselves

Let children be themselves, have their own ambitions, be honest with them and, yes, stand back while they make their own mistakes. Trying to give them, or the world, the perception that we are perfect is unfair. Teaching children that they came admit their mistakes, come to us as parents and tell us, and showing them how to forgive, even forgive themselves, and solve problems it much more effective than looking perfect.

Kids make you feel worth it

I have learned that even when I feel like a 'failure' my girls still tell me how much they love me & what a great mom I am. I have taught them to be respectful and they don't understand how their peers could possibly 'hate' their parents when all the parents are trying to do is be a parent! I love that my girls are very grounded. – Dana

You were a kid once

I learned to not forget what I was like as a kid. I was not perfect and I made my share of dumb mistakes, so it is unrealistic to expect my kids to be perfect. – Deegee

A kiss will never hurt

You can't cuddle, kiss, hug or tell them you love them too many times. I hug and kiss my son all the time in public. My husband used to tell me not to do it at school because he didn't want him to be embarrassed. Then last year, when my son was 9, we picked him up from school. He came running out to catch the bus and saw us. He ran over, threw his backpack down and threw his arms around me and kissed me in front of the whole school! Again, you can never kiss and hug them too much! – Jt

Cherish every moment

There is precious little time when your children want to spend time with you rather than their friends. Cherish it. When you take them to the park, watch them play or play with them, play board games, dress up, have water gun fights in the backyard. Don’t sit there in your car at the park or on your phone the entire time. You will miss their childhood. – Wendy

Remember life is short

All I can say as a mom that lost my son last summer at the age of 24 is that life is short. We never know how much time we have together. 

I have learned that it is important to let your child know that you love them and that you are proud of who they are. To spend as much quality time as you can with them because all the other trivial things we worry about really don't matter. --Vanessa

You always want the best

I have learned that no matter how old your children are you always worry about them and always hope that they will have the best that life has to offer. And they never, ever stop coming home to raid the refrigerator or ask for a handout.– Bella

Respect is key

Always love, honour and respect your children. And lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to - 5 minutes of solitude does wonders (and they stay at the door wondering what you're doing!) – Sandi

Motherhood is hard work

I have learned that motherhood is nothing like I've planned or pictured in my mind. It changed my life forever, it changed my personality. It taught me how to be extra patient, how to sacrifice, how to be less selfish and more and more giving. It is definitely a lot of hard work. It changed my body, and screwed up my mind. But the love that I feel toward my children is the greatest of all. – Emma

Don't sweat it

I've learned that baby's will poop right after they are changed, garbage bags do not make good parachutes, a pea can reach 3 feet when shot from the nose, to never leave an empty laundry basket within reach if you have stairs, it’s always someone else's fault, terrible twos are heaven on earth compared to the teenage years, and that when I get told "I hate you" I know I'm doing a good job. – Pjuldyl

It's in your eyes!

Make sure your face lights up when they enter the room, whether they're 18 months, or 18 years old. It may only take a second of your time and it's so worth it. It's through your eyes and your acknowledging them that they know their worth. (Good advice for married couples too). I can't remember where I got that advice, but I've been following it with my husband and kids ages 7 and 4. They light up too after we reconnect for the first time at the end of the day. -- GeeEm

Always be there for your kids

Listen like a friend- guide like a mother. – Debbie

Just relax

Take a break. Because in the end we all want to be perfect. But no on is super mom. – NoahBody