Sports campaign posters: Because politics shouldn't have all the fun

Had enough of Obama vs. Romney? Ready to get back to sports? We are too. But before we close the books on the 2012 election, let's take a page from politics and distill some of our best-known sports icons into handy campaign slogans. All of these are suitable for avatars or dartboards, whichever you prefer. Enjoy, and remember: Vote Sports.

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Tim Tebow Obama poster

Bill Belichick Obama poster

McKayla Maroney poster

RG3 Obama poster

Cam Newton poster

Andy Reid Obama poster

Lance Armstrong Obama poster

Mayweather poster

LeBron James poster

Dwight Howard Obama poster

Peyton Manning poster

Jerry Jones Obama poster

Danica Patrick Obama poster

Anthony Davis poster

Derek Jeter Obama poster

James Harden poster

Roger Goodell poster

Tom Brady Obama poster

Tiger Woods poster

Drew Brees Obama

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