Remembering Ralph Klein

Former Alberta premier and Calgary mayor Ralph Klein passed away Friday, March 29. A memorial celebrating his life was held in Calgary on Apr. 5.

Ralph Klein memorial ends

Briar Stewart reports from outside Jack Singer Hall in Calgary

Ralph Klein memorial highlights

Politicians and friends remember Ralph Klein

Albertans pay tribute to Ralph Klein

Death of former populist premier touches Albertans, reports Kim Trynacity

Remembering Ralph

A public memorial service for Ralph Klein will be held in Calgary so Albertans can pay tribute to one of the province's most well-known politicians.

Don Newman on Klein

Former CBC Politics host Don Newman discusses the life and legacy of former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein.

Ralph Klein's legacy

Paul Hunter takes a look at what made Ralph Klein stand out among politicians: his ability to connect with the average citizen

Ottawa salutes Klein

Political leaders from Parliament Hill sent their condolences to the family of the late Ralph Klein, even though Klein never held federal office

Paul Martin on Klein

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin comments on the death of former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein

Ralph Klein's life in politics

Former Alberta premier, 'King Ralph' dies at 70.

Former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein will soon be moved to a continuing care centre, health officials said Monday.

Ralph Klein came into the Herb Jamieson Centre in Edmonton and threw money at some of the homeless people, including Mark Shea.