Notable sports figures who died in 2016

Notable sports figures who died in 2016

Monte Irvin

Hall of Fame MLB player, 1919-2016

Andrew Smith

College basketball player, 1990-2016

Lawrence Phillips

NFL running back, 1975-2016

Luis Arroyo

Baseball player, 1927-2016

Ted Marchibroda

NFL coach, 1931-2016

Johnny Bach

NBA assistant coach, 1924-2016

Bill Johnson

Olympic gold-medal winning skier, 1960-2016

Barney Hall

NASCAR broadcaster, 1932-2016

Dave Mirra

BMX rider, 1974-2016

Tony Phillips

MLB player, 1959-2016

Bud Collins

Tennis commentator, 1929-2016

Clyde Lovellette

Hall of Fame NBA player, 1929-2016

Bill Gadsby

Hall of Fame NHL player, 1927-2016

Tray Walker

NFL cornerback, 1992-2016

Joe Garagiola

MLB player/broadcaster, 1926-2016

Johan Cruyff

Hall of Fame soccer player, 1947-2016

Will Smith

NFL defensive end, 1981-2016

Ed Snider

Philadelphia Flyers founder, Hockey Hall of Fame, 1933-2016

Milt Pappas

MLB pitcher, 1939-2016

Dwayne “Pearl” Washington

NBA player, 1964-2016

Bryce Dejean-Jones

NBA player, 1992-2016

Rick MacLeish

NHL player, 1950-2016

Muhammad Ali

Hall of Fame boxer, 1942-2016

Kimbo Slice

MMA fighter 1974-2016

Sean Rooks

NBA player, 1969-2016

Gordie Howe

Hall of Fame NHL player, 1928-2016

Pat Summitt

Hall of Fame basketball coach, 1952-2016

Buddy Ryan

NFL coach, 1931-2016

Nate Thurmond

Hall of Fame NBA player, 1941-2016

Dennis Green

NFL coach, 1949-2016

Bryan Clauson

NASCAR driver, 1989-2016

John Saunders

Broadcaster, 1955-2016

Jose Fernandez

MLB pitcher, 1992-2016

Arnold Palmer

Hall of Fame golfer, 1929-2016

Dennis Byrd

NFL defensive end, 1966-2016

Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team

November 29, 2016

Joe McKnight

NFL running back, 1988-2016

Rashaan Salaam

NFL player, Heisman Trophy winner, 1974-2016

Craig Sager

Broadcaster, 1951-2016