NFL draft - Ranking the bowl games by 2016 prospects

Here's a tip that might affect your New Year's Eve plans: If you're a draftnik and you still want to sing along to "Auld Lang Syne," then set your DVRs for the two college playoff semifinals.

The bowl game featuring the most 2016 NFL draft talent happens the next afternoon. Yes, two teams not playing for the national title could combine for as many as five top-20 picks and more than a dozen in the top 100 selections in this spring's draft, including one candidate for the top overall pick.

We won't spoil our list — you're going to have to click through — of the 2015-2016 games featuring the most draft talent. There are a lot of extenuating factors here, including injured and suspended players, plus underclassmen who have yet to declare, but here's a forecast on who might be available.

Take a look at the 10 bowl games most stocked with NFL talent for April's draft (all kickoffs ET):