LeBron's return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in headlines

The decision heard around the world has been made, with LeBron James announcing he will head back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Headlines around the country have reacted with excitement to the decision by the best basketball player in the world to go back to the franchise where he launched his professional career.

He's Back

"He's Back"

Back Home

"Back Home"

"I'm Coming Home"

Cleveland Fans Rejoice

"Cleveland Fans Rejoice"

Homecoming King

"Homecoming King"

He's Back!

"He's Back!"

I'm Coming Home

"I'm Coming Home"

I'm Coming Home

"I'm Coming Home"

The King Returns

"The King Returns" boasted the Columbus Dispatch.

You can go home again.

"You can go home again"


Farewell to the King

"Farewell to the King" bid the Miami Herald.




LeBron to Cleveland