How Canadians get to work

By far the most popular way to get to work in Canada is by driving a car. There are now a million more drivers on the roads than in the last census from 2006, that represents a two per cent rise in the number of people driving to work. We look at the modes of transportation people in each of Canada's cities use to get to work.

The city hopes that separated bike lanes, like this one in Montreal, will help cyclists feel safer when riding downtown.

City council voted unanimously to keep the experimental Vancouver bike lanes.

C-Train users can now access the renovated Chinook station.

Hundreds of frustrated transit passengers opted to get off Winnipeg Transit buses and walk the rest of the way to Investors Group Field during last week's Blue Bombers game.

A heavy spring snowfall hit the Edmonton region during the morning commute Thursday.

People in Regina woke up to find wet, heavy snow covering their car windshields.

Saskatoon has seen snow fall in every month, except June, according to data collected in the last 50 years.