Flopping in the NBA

Flopping has taken center stage during the NBA playoffs, with LeBron James, David West and Lance Stephenson all being fined $5,000 for Game 4 flops. Take a look at some of the NBA's most egregious flops, and tell us which you think is the best (or worst).

flop1 gif

The always-fun double-flop!

lsflop gif

The breeze from that Ray Allen elbow must have hurt Lance Stephenson.

flop3 gif

LeBron James is no stranger to the flop.

flop4 gif

Robert Horry taking a spill against Utah.

flop5 gif

Baron Davis doesn't go down lightly.

flop2 gif

Chris Bosh: Master Flopper.

flop7 gif

A vintage Dennis Rodman flop.

flop9 gif

Andrei Kirilenko playing some close D on Dirk Nowitzki.

flop8 gif

Chris Paul with a very dramatic flop.

flop11 gif

A phantom elbow surprises Blake Griffin.

flop12 gif

A flopping list wouldn't be complete without Shane Battier.

flop10 gif

Flopping sometimes takes teamwork.