Enjoy Europe's best summer destinations

There is nothing more beautiful than a summer in Europe. The sun makes a

grand entry after a snowy winter and everyone is out on the streets to

celebrate the season. It is festive, colourful and cheerful. If you are

planning a trip to Europe, here are my favourite destinations, says LAKSHMI SHARATH.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The tulip season is on and there are countless festivals happening in Amsterdam. The windmills, the canals, the coffee shops, the art, the parties – Amsterdam is full of energy and colour this season.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Paris

Paris, France

With blue skies, gushing waterfalls, fashion, art, music and romance – well, Paris is a great time to go at any time, any season.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Germany

Rhine Cruise, Germany

Fairy tale castles, wine tasting sessions, taverns and inns, hikes into villages – Germany is a different world when you take a cruise down the Rhine. You can travel to Bavaria as well.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Salzburg Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Palaces, museums, music, art and beautiful sceneries – the hills do come alive with The Sound of Music here. Austria is breathtaking. Waltz around here and don’t miss the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Switzerland

Jungfraujong, Switzerland

Lush meadows and snow white peaks, crystal clear mountain streams and train journeys that take you right to the top of Europe where icy glaciers greet you. Switzerland is the ideal summer getaway.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Ireland


George Bernard Shaw called its whisky liquid sunshine. Ireland is the country you need to head to if you are looking for some energy, foot tapping music and loads of wit and humour. Cheers!

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe London

United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – you can mix poetry, history, music and some lovely countryside and fairy tale castles to lose yourself.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Beaches, football, gorgeous men and women, some tapas bars, music, clubbing  and loads of fun ! And yes, don’t forget your swimwear.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Rome

Rome,– Italy

Sunshine, sundried tomatoes and pasta. Well, Italy is much more than delicious food. Soak in the spirit of summer, cruise along the canals of Venice or take a history course in Rome, get artistic in Florence, or fashionable in Milan! Italy is a dream destination.

Travel Summer Destinations in Europe Poland


Cathedrals, castles and churches - Poland is not just about world wars. It is a beautiful country with lush parks, fairytale towns, perennial rivers and timeless old squares. Sway to Chopin'’s music, see stars with Nicolas Copernicus and listen to stories of knights in shining armour.