'Dancing With the Stars': Kellie Pickler's 10 Most Wow Looks

"Dancing With the Stars" winner Kellie Pickler not only knows how to rock her body, she also knows how to rock a costume. Check out this slideshow of the Season 16 winner's most fabulous outfits.
— Victoria Leigh Miller, Yahoo! TV

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough (3/18/13)

Kellie kicked off Week 1 of the competition with a cha-cha and an open-back, fringed-skirt bodysuit, but it was her pixie haircut that had people talking. (The county singer shaved her head to support cancer awareness and support a friend who was battling the disease.) When her pro partner, Derek Hough, joked about their matching 'dos, Kellie said, "I'll be your Tinkerbell, and you can be my Peter Pan."

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough (3/25/13)

If you've got it, flaunt it! For Week 2's jazz routine, Kellie rocked a pair of barely-there shorts with a tiny, shiny top. But her mirror-glass halter was sharper than it looked. Derek told Access Hollywood he got cuts on his arms from the top (and he had the battle scars to prove it). Kellie joked about the skimpy outfit: "Look at my costume. Next week it'll be a piece of thread with a crystal on it!"

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler (4/1/13)

The "American Idol" alum was a winner in her short gold-and-silver dress and bouffant 'do for the show's prom-themed night on Week 3. Judge Len dubbed her "the queen of the prom," although an audience Twitter vote gave the title to Disney star Zendaya Coleman.

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler (4/15/13)

In Week 5, Kellie and Derek's foxtrot featured old Hollywood glam, as the country star sported a bobbed blond wig and a sparkly evening gown. Kellie told the Boot she loved the "custom-made, couture, beautiful outfits" she wore on the show. "The wardrobe team here is unbelievable, and they make everything by hand," she said, noting her Hollywood starlet ensemble. "This is the most clothes they've given me all season!"

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler (4/22/13)

It was a wonderful night on Week 6, when Kellie donned a flared red jumpsuit and a wig of blond ringlets for her Stevie Wonder-themed quickstep. While judge Carrie Ann Inaba called her a "Chia Pet," the dance scored the country star her first 10 of the season.

"Dancing With the Stars" - Season 16

Kellie's Week 7 outfit was hot, hot, hot as she shook her bon bon for a Latin night samba that boasted a red ruffled bikini top and matching skirt that showed off her taut tummy, finished off with a long blond wig. And is that a belly piercing we see?

"Dancing With the Stars" - Season 16

Kellie and Derek's Week 8 trio paso doble with Tristan MacManus was one of the most controversial dances of the season (Len had a major meltdown over its content and slammed the team with a 7), and its dark theme was out of character for the perky Southern belle. Still, her striking all-black ensemble helped to bring out her dark side.

"Dancing With the Stars" - Season 16

For her Week 9 Argentine tango, Kellie was a lady in red with a brunette wig. She accessorized her angled, red-fringe dress with a red flower in her hair, and the red-hot look helped the star get her first-ever perfect score of 30 points.

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler (5/13/13)

Also in Week 9's semifinal round, Kellie and Derek's flamenco received praise from the judges, but Carrie Ann said the singer sometimes tensed up during the dance. The reason? "This dress weighs about 5,000 pounds," Kellie explained of her tiered gown. Still, this woman knows how to rock some ruffles.

"Dancing With the Stars" - Season 16

For her finale-week freestyle, Kellie scaled back — and that included the costume department. Her sheer pink, scarf-embellished bodysuit had just enough flow to accentuate her twisty, bending moves. Judge Bruno Tonioli called the star's performance "a contemporary work of art," but he just as well could have been talking about the costume.