Controversial sports mascots

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Scores of professional, collegiate and high school sports teams have rid themselves of ethnic mascots and logos, or modified them, while others have defended the use of the images. Here are some examples of what teams have done.

Coachella Valley High School

A California high school is redesigning its mascot of an Arab after an Arab-American group complained that the portrayal of a snarling, mustached man is steeped in offensive stereotypes. Coachella Valley High School, however, wants to keep the mascot to reflect the region east of Los Angeles’ date-growing history.

Universtiy of Massachusetts, Amhers

After a group of American Indians complained in 1972, the school ceased calling its teams the Redmen. Teams are now known as the Minutemen, and women's teams as Minutewomen.

Washington Redskins

Team officials defend the name even as critics hold demonstrations and President Barack Obama suggests he would consider a name change if he owned the team.

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