Chris Davis pretends his bat is a pony and other fun MLB images from spring training

Photographers have been creative this spring in getting Major League Baseball players to pose for their yearly "photo day" shots. To spice things up, a few players and coaches were asked to emote and show a glimpse of their playful side.

Ride the bat pony!

Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles hops around on his bat pony. (Getty Images)

Catcher's best friend

Catcher George Kottaras grabs hold of the Chicago Cubs service animal. (AP)

Danks for nothing

Jordan Danks of the Chicago White Sox is reminded, again, that he's not his more successful brother John Danks.


Melky Cabrera of the Toronto Blue Jays pretends to ride an invisible motorcycle. (Getty Images)


Hall of Famer Tony La Russa signs a copy of his manuscript, 'Behind The Bars of Major League Baseball.' (Miami Herald/MCT)


What are these crop circles at Detroit Tigers camp at Lakeland, Fla. trying to tell us? (Getty Images)

I see Moose

Mike Mostakas peers over Ned Yost's script for the Kansas City Royals. (AP)


Mark Appel of the Houston Astros (right) holds up a "peace" sign for teammate Matt Dominguez. (Getty Images)


Not unlike Flava Flav of Public Enemy, L.J. Hoes of the Houston Astros always knows what time it is because he wears a clock around his neck. (Getty Images)


Bullpen coach Craig Bjornson of the Houston Astros grimaces when asked to repeat the team's record in 2013. (Getty Images)


J.D. Martinez of the Astros can't have his picture taken enough, he's so excited. (Getty Images)


Masahiro Tanaka prepares to be programmed by New York Yankees technicians. (Getty Images)


Kevin Gausman of the Baltimore Orioles moves his glove in front of his face so he won't eat anymore donuts. (Getty Images)


A silhouette of Oakland's Sonny Gray. (Getty Images)


Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers just scares the poop out of everyone by affecting this stare and making his eyes turn different colors. (Getty Images)


Jayson Werth thinks about Phillies fans who mocked his wrist injury and gets really mad. (Getty Images)


Washington Nationals right-hander Chris Young stands 6-foot-10, but 7-2 with an Afro. (The Washington Post)


As an old sea captain would say, Ryan Doumit of the Braves has black, lifeless eyes — like a doll's eyes. (Getty Images)


Randy Choate of the St. Louis Cardinals really has a baseball for a mouth. (Getty Images)


Carlos Villanueva of the Chicago Cubs shows off his old-timey baseball face. (Getty Images)


Nyjer Morgan of the Cleveland Indians called timeout in 2013 on his Major League Baseball career by going to Japan, but he's back in '14. (Getty Images)


Pitcher Jason Motte of the St. Louis Cardinals gets an idea to make a wacky face for this photo. (Getty Images)


Paging Mr. Herrmann. Chris Herrmann of the Minnesota Twins juggles baseballs to prove he's twice the catcher that Joe Mauer was. (Getty Images)


Jose Reyes of the Blue Jays is muy excited to show you the nameplate from his desk at shortstop. (Getty Images)


Nick Swisher of the Cleveland Indians asks, 'Bro, does anyone have a new bat?' (Getty Images)

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